Shoreditch Railway

If you walk along the railway hoardings under Shoreditch overground, you will see rows of colourful graffiti and street art.

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Jack the Ripper
Follow the footsteps of London's infamous (and unidentified) serial killer, who terrorised the city's East End in Victorian times.
Housed in a beautiful old building, this market is an eclectic mix of shopping stands and restaurants.
Shoreditch Street Art
Grafitti and alternative art by Banksy, Eine, Sweet Toof, Stik and many more.
London's urban playground and artistic hub.
Beigel Bake
Iconic 24-hour bakery known for traditional Jewish-style filled bagels such as salt beef and smoked salmon.
Sampling Studio, Old Truman Brewey
Fashion studio set up by Eddie Gavriilidis in the heart of Brick Lane, the Old Truman Brewery. Commissioned on pieces for Lady Gaga among other, they have gained a reputation for high-end fashion.

Related Tours

Private Street Art Tour of East London
East London is recognised worldwide for its iconic street art, with talented artists such as Banksy, Camille Walala, Mr Cenz, and Roa bringing their art to the streets of Shoreditch. 

  • Experience the constantly changing landscape of East London’s dynamic street art.
  • Learn about the history of the area and the rise of artistic scenes.
  • Uncover the differences between street art and graffiti.
  • Discover the diversity of Shoreditch’s creative scene.
  • Wander through one of the most culturally vibrant neighbourhoods: from the best gourmet coffee to vintage clothing and local curry houses.
Street Art Mecca

London is one of the creative capitals of the world, where you can find art not only in galleries and museums, but spilling out into the streets. Exposed to the onslaught of urban life, London’s street art is beautifully ephemeral and transforming constantly. For every fresh new work that appears, a masterpiece from yesterday may be gone. There’s no better way for you to discover this dynamic, on-the-pulse scene than by taking a guided tour through East London, the street art mecca of the city.  

Urban Canvas

With your expert local guide, you will explore the ever-changing walls of the Shoreditch area – where shipping containers become shopping malls and train carriages are transformed into artist studios. Not only the favourite haunt of hipsters, who you may notice cruising past on their fixie bikes, Shoreditch is also a veritable treasure-trove of street art. From scrawled tags to stunning murals, stencilled stick men to giant intricate animals, during your tour you will discover the extent of the creativity poured into these masterpieces. Sometimes political, often humorous, and always wonderfully imaginative, your time on this art tour will transform the way you view scribbles along walls in every city. 

Cultural Heritage

Whilst you learn about this artistic subculture, you will also be wandering through one of the most culturally vibrant areas of London. As you go off the beaten track, you will hear the history of Spitalfields and Brick Lane, immersing yourself in a world of vibrant street art and local character. 


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