Shakespeare Globe

An academic replica of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse where Shakespeare once worked.

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Tate Modern
Built during the Industrial Revolution, the building fell into disrepair until it was raised from the ashes to become the central hub of London’s modern art scene.
Bankside Hotel
From its sustainability commitment to its partnerships with local artists, the urban hotel is the ideal spot for travelers looking for an authentic London experience.
Bankside Hotel's Maker in Residence Studio
In collaboration with Contemporary Collective, Bankside hosts an artist-in-residence at the hotel as a hub for connecting guests with local artists.
Tate Modern’s Materials and Objects
See how artists have influenced the design of everyday objects, including labels of beer bottles and cans.
Tate Modern Terrace Bar
In 2017, the Tate handed over their taps to independent craft brewers, embracing the idea that art extends beyond visual mediums.
Art Yard Bar & Kitchen
Serving an eclectic menu and creative cocktails, the restaurant has made a name for itself amongst locals and tourists alike.

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Southbank and Borough Market Private Tour
For centuries, London has stood at the centre of the world’s commerce, adapting with the shifting tides of power and technology.  A former dockland and industrial slum, and now an icon of successful regeneration, London Bridge is one of London’s most historic and storied districts. 

  • Start your tour beside the river on the beautiful Bankside footpath.
  • Enjoy incredible vistas of London's finest bridges, castles, and cathedrals.
  • Explore Southwark's treasure trove of gallerieshistoric buildings, and pubs.
  • Dive into London's oldest food market. Decide what you'd like to indulge in, and enjoy. 
  • Learn about the area's strong connection with Shakespeare and Dickens.
  • See old prison walls, pauper burial grounds, and London's last surviving coaching inn. 
  • Visit Borough Market - where you tour ends - and learn the history of the historic market before enjoying its many fares. 
We begin at London Bridge, where the small trading town built by the Romans stood upon the river Thames. Hear the stories of how the Thames helped Britain take command of the oceans - from Sir Francis Drake and his journey on the Golden Hind to the HMS Belfast, the most significant surviving Royal Navy warship from the Second World War. 

Move west along the river and into the time of Shakespeare, as you pass by one of the world's most famous theatres, known for the timeless words penned by arguably the greatest playwright of all time. 

A few blocks east and several centuries later, step into the world of Southwark, which was built on industrial, smoky origins. Grand Victorian wharves, granaries, and shipyards once spanned its shores, amassing the trade and treasures of Her Majesty's Empire. Now, the area has evolved into one of London's most adored and exciting districts. The neighbourhood has arguably the best vistas across the city, its finest walk, and London's most beloved food and produces market. 
Literary London: Shakespeare and the City
  • Rewind to 1590 Elizabethan London via powerful storytelling.
  • Weave together former homes, theatres and places of significance to ‘the bard’.
  • Paint a fascinating picture of Elizabethan society: religion, royalty & plague.
  • Explore theories of his mysterious death, sexuality, beliefs and playwriting.
  • Take a scenic journey through leafy churchyards, ruins and cobbled alleys.

Beautifully narrated by an expert in their field, unearth the life story of William Shakespeare via landmark visits, informative knowledge, quotes and fun interaction.  Begin at Blackfriars, where a well-to-do Shakespeare purchases a large, ‘labyrinth like’ house in 1613. Journey through central London to untamed Elizabethan Shoreditch, where a young man arrived with ambitions to alter the world. 

Via a wealth of sites and points of interest associated with the man, see where former theatres and playhouses once stood - The Blackfriars and Curtain amongst others. It was here that an enigmatic Shakespeare wrote, house-kept and performed for decades. Visit the sites of houses and lodges, his favourite haunts, his place of worship and newly erected memorials. 

What's more, you'll get to hear learn about his personal life - from marriage and early beginnings,  to questions of his sexuality and sources of inspiration for his works.  And to put his life in context, your guide will paint a detailed picture of Elizabethan society, and how this influenced his works. A sure highlight to any trip to London, this private tour will impress even the most captivated and knowledgeable Shakespeare devotees.


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