Oxo Tower

Originally built as a power station to supply electricity to the Royal Mail, the structure started its second life in the 1920s, when it was acquired by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company.

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Tate Modern
Built during the Industrial Revolution, the building fell into disrepair until it was raised from the ashes to become the central hub of London’s modern art scene.
Bankside Hotel's Maker in Residence Studio
In collaboration with Contemporary Collective, Bankside hosts an artist-in-residence at the hotel as a hub for connecting guests with local artists.
South Bank Beach Sand & Street Artists
When the Thames’ tide goes out twice a day, London suddenly has a beach. It’s always covered in artists and creatives who gather in the space to share their crafts.
Undercroft Skatepark
This street art space was almost lost and only saved as a result of a crowdfunding mission and was made famous by the 2005 documentary “Rollin’ Through the Decades.”
Sutton Walk
Though it’s now a main pedestrian thoroughfare and location of the Royal Arts Festival, Sutton Walk used to lead to the behemoth Lion Brewery, which began operations in 1837.
Art Yard Bar & Kitchen
Serving an eclectic menu and creative cocktails, the restaurant has made a name for itself amongst locals and tourists alike.

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