Netil Market

Independent market in London Fields selling a wide range of produce and clothing.
Independent market in London Fields selling a wide range of produce and clothing.

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Brick Lane is famous for its rich Bangladeshi heritage, and recent hip regeneration.
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London's urban playground and artistic hub.
Beigel Bake
Iconic 24-hour bakery known for traditional Jewish-style filled bagels such as salt beef and smoked salmon.
Terrone Coffee
Italy's only light roasters who have brought their award winning coffee to the UK. Run by the Coffee Aficionado Edy Piro who knows more about coffee than you know about your own mother!
Banksy's 'Designated Graffiti Area'
Banksy's statement graffiti piece, acting as a self-proclamation of artistic license which must be preserved.

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A Day in the Life; Coffee Aficionado (on request only)
Your Experience
 “Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat.”
Johann Sebastian Bach
In this beautiful quote, Bach summed up how a lot of us feel about coffee, it is a necessity. However, to Edy Piro, the mastermind behind Terrone Coffee, it is much more. Edy is passionate about all things coffee, from roasting, to brewing to, of course, tasting! That is why it is a pleasure for us to be working with him on a new Original Experience of the World of Coffee. This experience will undoubtedly ignite your love for coffee through showing you the process behind his very own speciality brand, from bean to belly. After this experience, We hope you will have a new appreciation for the subtle delights of coffee and guarantee that you will feel better than a ‘dried up piece of roast goat’. 
Your Day With Us

  • Arrive in in the vibrant and ever changing East London borough of Hackney. Here your will meet Edy Piro, the man synonymous with coffee in the local area and someone who passion and knowledge is as mindboggling as it is absorbing.
  • After learning a bit more about you, Edy will then whisk you around the local coffee shops in the area while telling you anything you want to know about coffee, seriously, anything! From our time with him we couldn’t find something he didn’t know about. 
  • After hearing about coffee have a chance to go back to Edy’s little coffee workshop where he can give you a low down on how you perfectly transform a soft green bitter bean into a smooth light roasted coffee bean. You will get to make your very own batch with his micro-roaster.
  • After the roasting is done you can take your bean on to the next stage of its journey. Following Edy’s expert tuition you will learn how to perfectly prepare an exquisite coffee.
  • Now all of the legwork is done in true Italian style Edy will finish off the day with a flourish. Using your own coffee Edy will teach you the secret to creating the best Latte art, he assures you it is easier than you think.
  • Finishing off your day with a well-earned coffee you can bid farewell to Edy and his world of coffee, and hopefully he has inspired to savour the flavour of your next ‘pick me up’ morning coffee.

Why Join Us On An Original Experience
Our Original Experience will take you beyond sightseeing. Showing you something far more precious, the people behind London’s special culture. We guarantee that after this experience you will have a deeper understanding of the process behind the perfect cup of coffee and a unique and unforgettable experience of London culture.
Who is your guide?
We only work with top professionals who are both experts in their field and intriguing individuals who have lots of stories to share. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with the mastermind behind Terrone Coffee, Edy Piro. Passionate about coffee he was responsible for the first light roast company in all of Italy and has taken his company from strength to strength since then, exporting all across Europe. His enthusiasm is so infectious that he has even turned us avid British tea drinker into coffee-holics.  


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