Mona's Garden

Garden transformed by Mona Abboud into an award-winning garden. Only viewable through our Original Experience with Mona, A Day in the Life; Gardening Aficionado.
Garden transformed by Mona Abboud into an award-winning garden. Only viewable through our Original Experience with Mona, A Day in the Life; Gardening Aficionado.

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A Day in the Life: Gardening Aficionado (on request only)
Your Experience
Mona Abboud said that she spent a lifetime looking for a garden with a house, not a house with a garden. When she was finally granted that luxury in a quarter acre plot in Highgate what she did with it was truly amazing. Drawing inspiration from her time living all over Europe she has crafted an enthralling garden, which  is definitely worth a visit for any garden enthusiasts. The London Garden Association agree with us, voting Mona’s garden as London’s best back garden in 2015. The gem of Mona’s garden is her internationally recognised collection of Corokia, which she would love to get you passionate about. But, how did Mona create such an amazing garden, what inspires her to keep developing it and what are her award-winning secrets? Enjoy the chance to ask her these questions yourself. Come spend a day with Mona, chatting, learning and drinking tea whilst meandering through her Highgate Garden.

Your Day With Us
  • Arrive at Mona’s Garden, voted London’s Best Back Garden in 2015, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and talk about and meet the mastermind behind the garden, Mona Abboud.
  • Take a stroll around the garden while Mona talks you through how she cares for her plants from all over the world and her views for the future of her garden. 
  • After seeing Mona’s inspirational garden have a sit down with her and discuss how to design a perfect garden, even discuss your own garden, I am sure Mona has some award winning advice.
  • To top of your day learn about the plant that Mona loves above all else, the Corokia Genus. With her collection now being officially protected by the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG) she will tell you why she is so passionate about this genus.
  • Finish your day of discussion and learning with a true gardening aficionado, hopefully, inspired to transform your own garden. Before bidding farewell be sure to ask Mona about her favourite spots in the local area to eat, to carry on your day in style!
Why Join Us On An Original Experience
Joining Travel Curious on an Original Experience will take you beyond sightseeing. Showing you something far more precious, the people behind London’s special culture. We guarantee that after this experience you will have a deeper understanding of the process behind the designing gardens and a unique and unforgettable experience of London culture.
Who is your guide?
Here at Travel Curious we only work with top professionals who are both experts in their field and intriguing individuals who have lots of stories to share. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with the mastermind behind London’s Best Back Garden, Mona Abboud. Passionate about gardening and supremely engaging, we are certain you will have an easy time talking and laughing with Mona while exploring her garden. Moreover, she may be able to share some ideas with you about developing your own garden or how to start one, though you may not believe it her garden started as nothing more than an empty lawn.


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