Royal Elephant Enclosure

Museum about white elephants where the royal collection of the pachyderms was kept

Nearby Attractions

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Vimanmek Palace
3 story teakwood palace that used to be the summer residence of royalty
Ananta Samokhom Throne Hall
Royal reception hall with some interesting murals if you step inside
Showcases Thai folk art and crafts patronised by the SUPPORT charity project of Queen Sikrit
Rajadamnern Stadium
Oldest, and most important, Muay Thai stadium
Saphan Khao
Huge market dedicated to fresh fruit where you will be able to see everything from durians to dragon fruit
Democracy Monument
Focal spot for pro-democracy protests which celebrates Thailand becoming a constitutional monarchy

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Dusit: Bangkok’s Royal District
·        Walk around the Ananta Samokhom Throne Hall and SUPPORT Museum 
·        Appreciate the craftwork of the Vinmanmek Palace
·        Learn about white pachyderms at the Royal Elephant Enclosure

While Bangkok’s Old City has its attractions, Dusit is from where Thailand is governed. Although you are unable to go into the Chitralada Royal Villa, where the Thai king lives, your private guide will take you to other buildings in the Dusit Palace complex in a tour that will leave you with a greater appreciation for Bangkok’s government quarter. 

Place of Kings

Stepping inside the Mediterranean-esque Ananta Samokham Throne Hall brings you to frescoes showing the history of the current Chakri dynasty. Built in 1907, the former throne hall also housed Thailand’s parliament until 1974. Your guide will also take you to see traditional Thai craftwork in the SUPPORT Museum which is based in the Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall.

Summer Palace of the Monarchs

They will also take you to the Vinmanmek Palace. This impressive teakwood construction, built without any nails, contains a number of interesting artefacts, including Thailand’s first indoor bathroom. Originally on Ko Sichang island, and moved after the French occupied the initial site in the 19th century, it is a stupendous work of construction that showcases Thai teakwork at its best. There is more to the site than the building though for it holds a number of curiosities which your guide will be happy to show you in detail.

Linger where Elephants Trumpeted

From there it is not far to the Royal Elephant Enclosure. The beasts have played an essential role in Thai history – both as tools of prestige and warfare –  and while the pachyderms are now gone, your guide will be able to tell you all about the Thai custom that all white elephants belong to the monarch as you view the exhibits. The process is fascinating, for the method of choosing a white elephant is more based on certain criteria rather than general colour alone.   



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