Thian Hock Keng Temple

The oldest and most important Fujian temple in Singapore, dedicated to Mazu, Taoist goddess of the Sea.

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Merlion Park
An iconic park that is home to the national mascot of Singapore: the Merlion (and its cub).
Baba House
A well preserved Peranakan home, giving an insight into the group's unique history, architecture and heritage.
The Civic District
Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1827, the Civic District is where Singapore as we know it began.
Singapore "Bumboat' River trip
The river was the mainstay of business and trading in days gone by, where the bumboats transported the goods to the warehouses lining the river bank. They are still used today to help Singaporeans and sight-seers get from A to B, in style.
The Yong Gallery
A celebration of traditional Chinese arts and crafts, including exceptional calligraphy, the Yong Gallery is well worth a visit.
Sri Mariamman Temple
The oldest Hindu Temple in the city, built in 1827 in the South Indian 'Dravidian' style. It's embellished with six tiers of Hindu deities, painted in bright colours and with fantastic detail.

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Discover Singapore's Culinary Heritage
Discover the rich culinary heritage of Singapore with a comprehensive tour of the city’s heartlands and premier gastronomic destinations. 

  • Explore  Chinatown
  • Sample food at the Hawker Centre, which is lined with food stalls 
  • Immerse yourself in these culinary traditions 
  • Learn about migration to Singapore in securing economic stability 
  • Discover the Baba house 
  • Conclude at Thian Hock Keng Temple 
Gastronomic Singapore

Singapore has grown to become a truly multicultural city, embracing a diverse blend of culinary traditions. Indeed, this cultural diversity has resulted in a wide range of amazing foods available to enjoy on every street corner. You will find some of the city’s finest delicacies in Chinatown, the legendary heartland of Singapore. And as such is where you will be visiting, on this epic gastronomic tour of Singapore. 

Starting at your Hotel, or at prearranged meeting point your personal tour of gastronomic Singapore will take you around the local Hawker Centre (a vast open-air food market) where you will have the pleasure of sampling some fine local delicacies. Some of the delicious food on offer will include the world-famous Singaporean chicken rice and the incomparable spicy chilli soft-shelled crabs. 

Culinary Melting Pot

As you explore the vibrant markets, your expert local guide will be pleased to tell you all about the history of the importance of migration to Singapore in securing economic stability, as well as adding to the unique and varied culture that Singapore is famous for. 

You will learn all about Baba house, one of the best-preserved Peranakan heritage homes and the Chinatown Heritage Centre, which documents the lives of Chinese people in the city across the ages. To finish off this fabulous tour of Singapore, you will be delighted to visit the oldest Chinese temple in the city- Thian Hock Keng Temple. Dedicated to the enigmatic Mazu, the goddess of the Sea.

Travel Curious Tip: Go on this tour on an empty stomach! 

We built this tour because 
experiencing new cuisines can be daunting, therefore be at ease with the help of your guide! 
Explore Singapore in Half a Day
In this four hour tour, your expert local guide will endeavour to immerse you in Singapore’s rich and vibrant history; showcasing some of the fantastic sites around this truly multicultural city. 

  • Commence your tour with a drive around the civic district 
  • Pass Singapore's iconic sights, such as PadangSupreme Court City HallCricket Club and Parliament House 
  • Explore the views over Singapore at Marina Bay 
  • Snap photos of the iconic Merlion cub
  • Proceed to Chinatown, and visit Thian Hock Keng Temple 
  • Immerse yourself in the National Orchid Garden 
  • Conclude your tour with the sounds and scents of Little India 
Flourishing Singapore

Since independence in 1965, Singapore has risen to become a hugely wealthy city-state, shaking off its reputation as a stopover, to flourish as a premier tourist destination in Southeast Asia. 

Starting at your hotel, or at a prearranged meeting point, your personal tour of Singapore will begin with a drive around the civic district; regarded as the birthplace of modern Singapore and the unofficial centre of the city.

Not to be missed, you will have the pleasure of seeing the Padang, Supreme Court City Hall, Cricket Club, and beautiful Parliament House. Your next stop will be at the Marina Bay where you will be able to enjoy stunning views over the city. Here you will have the opportunity for a photo with the enigmatic symbol of the city- the Merlion cub, a mythical creature, half lion and half fish. 

Multicultural City

You will then proceed to Chinatown to visit the Thian Hock Keng Temple; one of the oldest Chinese temples in the city. Absolutely not to be missed, is the Singapore Botanical Gardens, which contains the National Orchid Garden, boasting a comprehensive collection of tropical and cooler climate orchids. Your tour of the great Singapore will end In Little India where you will have the pleasure of experiencing an authentic taste of sub-continental culture and cuisine.

Travel Curious Tip: Build up your appetite on this tour, and then experience authentic cuisine at your final stop, Little India.

We built this tour because 
it invites travellers to explore Singapore's iconic sights in a short space of time.


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