Arbat Street

Arbat is the most famous pedestrian street of about one kilometre long in the historical centre of Moscow.

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Saint Basil's Cathedral
Saint Basil's Cathedral is an Orthodox church in Red Square of Moscow and it is one of the most popular cultural symbols of Russia.
The Kremlin
Located in the oldest part of the city, The Kremlin is a fortification erected on the left bank of the Moskva river.
Red Square
The Red Square is considered the central square of Moscow since all major streets originate here. It was meant to serve as Moscow's main marketplace.
It's one of the most iconic shopping malls facing Moscow's Red Square. Its name means 'main department store' and it was built between 1890 and 1893.
Lenin’s Mausoleum
Situated in the Red Square of Moscow, Lenin's mausoleum currently serves as the resting place of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.
State Historical Museum
The State Historical Museum exhibits from relics of prehistoric tribes that lived on the territory of present-day Russia, to priceless artworks acquired by the Romanov dynasty.

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Arbat, The Most Famous Street Live in Moscow Virtual Tour
On this Live Virtual Tour, we will take you to Moscow's Most Famous Street, a city where can travel through ages just walking through its streets. 

Arbat street is one of the oldest surviving streets of the Russian capital and is famous for its architectural masterpieces and souvenirs. It is like Carnaby Street in London, Montmartre in Paris or Royal Mile in Edinburgh. 

It became a favourite place to go for a walk of the Muscovites. On a good day, you can see many improvised shows, street performers, poets and entertainers. 

Through the centuries Arbat used to be one of the most bohemian places in Moscow as it attracted a lot of prominent Russian people – writers, poets, and artists. 


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