The Aztecs: Lords of the CityPrivate Tour

Dive back in time for a trip to Tenochtitlan.
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2 hrs

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Chinese, Couples, Cruise Passengers, Family, Friends

Private Tour:

You and our own professional guide. 100% exclusive

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Walking tour - the cost of all public transport is included between sights. Your guide will help you with this.


Tickets to the Templo Mayor are included

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Free concierge service if you need any advice 
Meeting points: Zócalo, under the bandera monumental

What makes this tour special

·        Hear your guide talk about the history of the Zócalo and imagine the buildings that used to encircle it. 
·        Walk around the ruins of the Templo Mayor and the accompanying museum. 

Mexico’s indigenous heritage is a strong part of its national identity, with its capital betraying the connection with the past as much as any other part of the country. While Mexico City is very different from its heyday, when it was named Tenochtitlan and centre of the Aztec Empire, with the loss of its lake and new European building styles, the legacy of its former rulers is just beneath you. This tour aims to give you an understanding of that partly lost city. 

Plaza of Emperors

Starting in the Zocalo, your guide will tell you about the history of the square. While not then the main plaza of the city, it was an open space where the surrounding buildings were home to Tenochtitlan’s elite. Becoming the hub of the city only after the conquest, it is an excellent place to hear your guide talk about how Cortes destroyed the Aztec Empire. 

The Greatest Temple

The sacred centre of the city was actually the Templo Mayor. Here you will visit the exact spot where the founders of the city fulfilled a divine instruction by building a city where they saw an eagle eat an unfortunate snake on a cactus; an event now shown on the Mexican flag. Growing from a small shrine, it became a 60m high imposing structure during the 15th-century as more and more offerings were included within the structure. More morbidly, it was where they sacrificed many of their captives and you will be able to listen to your guide telling you about why they thought it would appease the god as you walk around the ruins of this multi-layered temple. When you are finished, they will also take you through the accompanying museum to see some of the ancient exhibits found by archaeologists. 

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QWill there be other people on the tour or is it just us?
AAll of our tours are 100% private and exclusive, which means that it will just be you, your group and your guide on the tour.

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