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Tapas (Cicheti)

In many ways distinct from other Italian regions' food, expect polenta, seafood and sweets.

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Marco Polo's House
Believed to have been the residence of the world famous explorer and his family, the ancient Corte del Milion is a must see for adventure lovers.
Rialto Bridge
Venice’s busiest and most iconic bridge, the Rialto gives visitors a wonderful view of the Grand Canal.
Rialto Market
A historic market where Venetians buy fresh frutti di mare from friendly fishmongers.
Wine (Ombra)
The residents of Venice have been drinking wine for centuries, including Pinot Grigio and Prosecco.
Grimani Palace
A 16th century Renaissance-style palace, housing works of art, ceiling frescoes and restored chambers.
The Venetian take on ice cream - not to be missed!

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Eating in Venice: Cicheti and Wine
Enjoy a gastronomical experience of Venetian cicheterie on this foodie tour!

  • Discover local culinary tradition at Venetian taverns 
  • Visit 3 different taverns, away from classic tourist routes
  • Sample 6 cicheti (tapas) and 3 glasses of wine (ombra) 
Venetian food is unlike food anywhere else in Italy – with its long history of trading, the food here makes extensive use of exotic spices, while its watery location means fish is on the menu more often than not. Venice can make a fantastic break from the usual pizza-and-pasta gastronomy of Italy, but with so many touristy restaurants on the island, it can be hard to make the most of Venetian cuisine and wine on your own.

On this private-guide led exploration of Venice’s most bustling markets, cafés, and its famous cicheti bars, you will delve into an authentic side of Venetian culture, learning what to order, how to find great places and enjoying lots of tastings along the way – so make sure you have a hearty appetite before you join us!

By the way: be sure to go on this tour on an empty stomach!
Secrets of Venice Live Virtual Tour
We’re all missing different things during this challenging year and amongst the raft of restrictions? Travel

Are you wondering when you will be able to travel overseas again or thinking about your next destination? Have you had to postpone or cancel a much anticipated holiday this year? Has your next vacation planning been put on hold due to these uncertain times? 

If you are feeling the same itch to reach for your passport and hop on a flight anywhere, we have the perfect solution!

At Travel Curious we have launched Live Virtual Tours globally to help ease the struggle and bring you closer to the destinations you would love to visit in the future, or virtually take you to places you've been before and that you would like to see one more time.

On this Live Virtual Tour, we will take you to Venice, a city unlike anywhere else on Earth, where you will stroll by the emerald canals while hearing the stories of your local guide.

On this Private "Secrets of Venice Virtual Tour" you will discover: 

  • The Secrets of Rialto bridge and the Grand Canal of Venice
  • The old trade centre of Venice
  • The Venetian Cicheti and Wine
  • The Old Red light district and Courtesans of Venice
  • The secret of the old water system
  • The secret of the old water system
  • Murano Glass history
  • The High tide phenomenon
  • Venetian Lifestyle


  • This experience will be broadcasted live from the location, no Powerpoint presentations are involved.
  • The Live Virtual Tour will be on the platform Zoom, and you will receive a link in your email to gain access.
  • The recording of the tour will be available for all participants to keep for the future.
  • It's designed as a private experience for you and your group. Each person can be connected from one device.
  • The price is set per tour is for a maximum of 10 people. If your party is larger, please contact us for a customized tour. Send us an email to
  • Date and Time may be affected by weather conditions to guarantee the best experience.


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