Santa Severa Beach

A lovely beach just outside Rome, beside a medieval castle.

TravelCurious Tip

Bring a change of dry clothes and grab lunch in the lovely restaurant on the beach - be warned it closes at 5.00 PM.

Coastal refreshment

When you plan a trip to Rome you may not think to pack beach gear - think again, because just outside the main city are some great beaches. One such is the lovely Santa Severa in Lazio, which is situated along the old coastal road the Via Aurelia.

Like its bigger neighbour Santa Marinella, it was a popular summer resort for the Romans as well as a fishing settlement supplying fish to the mainland towns and Rome itself. Santa Severa is about 45 minutes away by train from either Termini or Trastevere station. The train ticket costs about €5, but access to the beach is totally free. The water is shallow enough that most adults will be able to stand as much as 15 metres from the shoreline, so it is a great place to bring young children who can splash and play in the sea without causing too much worry for parents.

Port of Pyrgi

The beach is located beside a 9th century castle, which stands in the spot that was once the ancient Port of Pyrgi. The three golden Pyrgi Tablets were found there in 1964, which contain an important bilingual dedication to the Phoenician goddess Ashtaret dating from about 500 BC. These tablets are now in the Etruscan Museum of Rome in the Villa Giulia.

The modern beach is a great place for groups of friends, families, or couples to spend a leisurely day. You can rent a lounger or an umbrella, or simply pop your towel down on the sand. There is a very nice restaurant just off the beach as well as a beach hut where you can pick up sandwiches, snacks and drinks. A great way to spend a hot Roman summer’s day.

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