Santa Marinella Beach

A secluded and beautiful beach a short journey from the city of Rome.

TravelCurious Tip

Santa Marinella is full of seafood restaurants that serve fresher (and cheaper) food than their counterparts in the city. L'Acqua Marina and Tavola Azzurra 2 are particularly good spots.

When in Rome...

Rome is one of the main metropolitan cities in the world, great for city breaks, museum tours and - surprise! – heading to the beach.

Northwest of the main city in Rome’s Lazio region is the beautiful comune of Santa Marinella. At the beach here you can relax in comfort on the plentiful beach loungers available all over the beach or take a dip in the bright blue Mediterranean. The sea here is famous for its moderate temperatures, perfect for feeling gently refreshed after the hot Italian sun.

...do as the Romans do

You will be following in the footsteps of the ancient Romans before you, who used Santa Marinella as a huge bathing resort called Aquae Caeretanae. The spot has remained fashionable in modern times as the actress Ingrid Bergman had a villa there with her husband, the neorealist Italian director and screenwriter Roberto Rossellini.

Today it is a vibrant seaside town where many Italians keep a summer home. You must pay for a lounger in order to stay on the beach during the peak summer months when many tourists join the locals on the beach. These can cost up to €10. To reach Santa Marinella from Rome, simply hop on a train from Termini or Trastevere stations to Civitavecchia and get off at the Santa Marinella stop. You can also enjoy some of the Italian countryside scenery along the way. A great beach for those who like to sunbathe in style.

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