Porta Portese Market

A large and bustling flea market, held every Sunday in Trastevere.

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Make sure to glance through the books and records at the market - you might find some gems!

Brand new second hand

When visiting a new city, a great way to feel the buzz of everyday life is to visit the local markets. In Rome one of the best places to get this atmosphere is Porta Portese Market in Trastevere. Porta Portese is a flea market that is also the largest market in Rome, stretching from Via Portuense all along Via Ippolito Nievo.

The market had its beginnings as a black market after WWII in Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere. Now it is a bustling, well-run market place with over one thousand merchant stalls and is under the control of the City Council. The vendors set up bright and early at 6.30 every morning and continue to flog their wares until 2 PM. For an enjoyable Sunday morning, head down to the Porta Portese for a browse.

You can find practically anything in the many diverse stalls: furniture, shoes, books, clothes, records, CDs, old newspapers, and toys are all available (as well as a lot of cheap tat). You will see both Italians and tourists here, but the one thing you may not find is food. Make sure to have breakfast before you head out, as there are barely any food stalls at Porta Portese and those you will find will usually only have small snacks available. As with most popular attractions in Rome, you may not get a true bargain buy at the Porta Portese. Don’t be afraid to haggle, though – it’s expected here and part of the fun!

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