Monti District

Formerly Suburra - an ancient Roman neighborhood walled off from the Forum - the neighborhood is now one filled with locals, and the occasional lost tourist.

Nearby Attractions

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The Roman Empire’s largest amphitheatre, and one of the world’s most awe-inspiring ancient monuments.
Underground Colosseum
Exclusive access to the underground chambers and tunnels of this ancient amphitheatre - an unforgettable experience.
The Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Nerva
Two of Rome's finest Imperial Forums.
Domus Aurea
Emperor Nero's enormous private villa complex beside the Colosseum.
Basilica of Santi Cosma e Damiano
An early Christian church in a converted Temple of Romulus, with some mosaic masterworks inside.
Arch of Titus
One of Rome's most iconic triumphal arches, and the model for the Parisian Arc de Triomphe.

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Private Walking Tour of Caesar's Rome
From the slum neighbourhood of his birth to the place where he met his grisly end, the city, empire and culture of Rome owes much to Julius Caesar. 

  • With your private guide, gain an insight into the dominance Caesar enjoyed as Consul of Rome
  • Discover Rome’s role in one of history’s most celebrated and contentious figures.
  • Unravel what led to Caesar claiming the role of dictator in perpetuity
  • See spectacular sights over the Roman Forum and Colosseum. 
  • Visit  the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina, where Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC.
  • Explore well-preserved streets dating back to antiquity.
An astute politician and brilliant military strategist Caesar powered Rome into expansion, decisively defeating enemies and winning the hearts and minds of the common people. Each successful war assured him of the undying loyalty of his soldiers, who followed him into battle after battle. His life and death, are the stories of legends with unions that include a love affair with Cleopatra. The contributions he made have echoed through history - including the introduction of the Julian Calendar in Rome, setting the year at 365.25 days, divided into 12 months. A plot to bring his supremacy to an end in 44 BC resulted in his fatal stabbing by a mob next to the Theatre of Pompey.

Your Tour of Julius Caesar’s Rome will delve into the archaeological roots of the city to follow in his footsteps. Discover Caesar’s place of birth in 100BCE -  Subura, a district of chancers and sex workers where the Monti neighbourhood now stands - and established what helped propel Caesar from squalor to a global leader. Envisage Rome when several of its iconic monuments were being built, including the Colosseum. Learn how Caesar famously built the Via Appia Antica and opened up trade to the East, signaling an era of prosperity. As you stroll the well-preserved streets on your Tour of Julius Caesar's Rome, ponder his two expeditions to Britain and see fascinating ruins.


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