The world-famous Italian ice cream perfect on a hot day in the city.

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The Gelateria del Teatro also does a terrific granita — something that can be even more refreshing than gelato on a hot day

Let’s be clear: gelato is not simply Italian ice cream. As any aficionado will tell you, it’s very different indeed. For starters, there’s less butterfat in gelato, meaning that it freezes less solidly and thus has a smoother texture. And whereas water and air are often cheekily added to ice cream to increase its volume and weight, the same is not true for gelato, so you get a stronger flavour. Finally, gelato is not made for long-term storage. It’s made in small batches, to be eaten fresh.

Not all gelato vendors are artisans, however. So steer clear of places with puffy clouds of gelato, as they are likely using artificial thickeners. Also be wary if the colours are too bright — they might have thrown in some chemical to get those tantalising hues.

Fortunately it is not at all hard to find good gelato in Rome. Ciampini on Piazza San Lorenzo, between the Spanish Steps and the Parthenon, do a divine marron glacés with bits of candied chestnut mixed into their gelato. Combined with the dark chocolate gelato it is sinfully good.

For something a little more refined head to Gelateria del Teatro, not far from Piazza Navona. Excellent natural ingredients and and creative flavours are what make this place. Try the white chocolate and basil or the garden sage and raspberry — they work!

If you want to see the artists at work, then you can try I Caruso, not far from the Termini train station. Here they make their gelato on site, and you can watch them at it. It’s almost as mesmerising as those Lindt adverts with the master chocolatiers and the thick coils of melted chocolate falling from a whisk.

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The only thing left to do… is to tuck in and enjoy your pizza and gelato – Bon Appetito! 
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  • Explore the historic food market ‘Mercato Testaccio’ with its fresh produce and delicious street food stalls. 
  • Enjoy sampling a variety of delicious Roman street food from fritti to suppli. 
  • Hear how Testaccio was remarkably built on a huge hill of broken and disused ancient Roman amphorae (clay jars). 
  • See the caves that were dug into the mound, and how they have been transformed from storage units into lively restaurants, discos and raucous bars!
  • Walk past the MACRO modern art museum, formerly the Testaccio abattoir that supplied the offal for classic dishes. 
  • Meet the vendors who have worked the market for generations and enjoy a sit-down pasta dish in a local trattoria. 

Enjoy a delicious walking and eating tour of Testaccio – one of Rome’s coolest neighbourhoods, really popular with locals, and least visited by tourists. Testaccio has a vibrant community and is really proud of its history and reputation as the birthplace of typical Roman food – Cucina Romana. Walk around the historic market, chat to the friendly vendors – who have worked here for several generations – and sample their offerings. 

Testaccio is a unique area built onto an enormous mound of discarded amphorae – ancient clay jars. You’ll see some amazing street art, as well as the more historic monuments like the Pyramid of Cestio, which marks the Protestant cemetery where the English poet John Keats is buried. 

Your guide will introduce you to classic Roman street food like Fritti (fried foods – like cod and Fiori de Zucca, battered balls of mozzarella, zucchini and anchovy), and Suppli, breaded rice balls cooked in a tomato ragu with a yummy, gooey centre of melted mozzarella. 

Get stuck into some mouthwatering pasta dishes at a local trattoria, and enjoy a convivial meal with fellow travellers on this small-group tour, in Testaccio while it is still a really well-kept secret! 


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