Baths of Caracalla

Perhaps the most monumental and imposing archeological complexes of the entire Imperial epoch, the baths provided the population with sanitation facilities and opportunities to socialise.

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Aventine Hill
Amazing vistas across Rome, beautiful roses, and a secret keyhole with a special view of St. Peter’s.
Palatine Hill
This hill is where the Roman State began, and where Rome's Emperors used to live. Today it boasts many remains from their magnificent palaces.
Circus Maximus
A magnificent ancient chariot racing stadium.
Pyramid of Cestius
A rarely-visited tomb that is over 2000 years old, well preserved thanks to its part in the ancient city fortifications.
The Garden of Oranges
A beautiful space named for its plentiful citrus trees, with fantastic views and important Dominican history.
Arch of Constantine
The largest and most magnificent of Rome's triumphal arches, with a curious history in its sculpture.

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We created this tour because 
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