Antipasti plates

No matter what various dishes you may try (from bruschetta to pasta), anticipate indulging in the city's beloved pecorino romano.

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Castel Sant'Angelo
The former tomb of the emperor Hadrian is now an imposing fortress full of Papal history.
St. Peter's Square
Designed by Bernini, St Peter's Square is a stunning colonnaded piazza leading up to St. Peter's Basilica.
Piazza and Palazzo Farnese
One of the most important palaces of the High Renaissance, once home to Pope Paul III and currently the French Embassy.
Villa Farnesina
A gorgeous Renaissance building, with some amazing artwork and lovely gardens.
The banks of the Tiber, or the Lungotevere, offer impressive views of Rome and are lined with drooping trees.
Roman style pizza
Roman pizza is distinguished from the thick Neopolitan pizza by its thin, light and crispy base which is slightly charred at the edges.

Related Tours

Private Wine & Antipasto Tasting Tour of Rome
Experience a private evening wine tasting at Rome’s best wine bars, taste several delicious wines, and enjoy a variety of mouthwatering ‘antipasti mist mixed platters of cheese and meat. On your private tour you will:

  • Enjoy the expert and personalised attention of your private guide.
  • Sample a variety of Italy’s finest wines at different traditional enoteche “wine bars” in Rome.
  • Explore the two beautiful and historic neighbourhoods of Trastevere and Campo Dei Fiori, both famous for their selection of wonderful bars and restaurants. 
  • Learn about the history, different geographies, and winemaking process in Italy from your expert guide. 
  • Chat to some of the local sommeliers and learn about the different cheese pairings. 
  • Taste a huge variety of cured meats and traditional cheeses like the local Pecorino, to go with your wines.
  • Learn about the evolution of Roman cuisine, as well as some Italian terms to describe the various courses: Antipasto (literally meaning before meal) Primo, Secondo and Dolce among others. 
  • Experience the romance of a golden, lamp-lit Roman evening as you stroll the cobbled streets between Trastevere and Campo Dei Fiori – and learn some of Rome’s history too. 
  • Admire the elegant Piazza Farnese and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of Campo. 
  • Note: This tour is easily adaptable for vegetarian guests.
Enjoy a classic Rome evening of wine and food tasting in Italy’s picturesque capital city. Wander the cobbled streets of the historic Roman neighbourhoods of Trastevere (which means ‘across the river) and Campo Dei Fiori, a lovely square that is a flower and food market by day, and atmospheric piazza surrounded by wine bars at night. 

Your guide will educate you about the history of Italian wine as you sample a variety of delectable reds, whites and of course prosecco. Hear all about the different wines and the many wine-producing regions of Italy, from Lazio and Tuscany to Sicily and Piedmont. Taste how a white from Frascati differs from a Tuscan white, or how a Brunello differs from a Sangiovese. Learn about the different grapes and climates and processes that go into creating wine, and how they are classified. The wine trade is heavily regulated in Italy – and there is a big difference between a vino da Tavola (table wine) and a DOCG the highest quality wine meaning Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. 

Hear about the history and evolution of Roman wine and cuisine from your guide as you stroll between the various bars. 

You will have a chance to chat with the owners of the enoteche (plural for enoteca, which literally means wine repository) and find out about their businesses and also discover the art of food pairing! On this private tour, you will also be able to taste a smorgasbord of delicious local cured meats and cheeses like Pecorino, a ewe’s milk cheese. Try a selection of meats and cheeses from all over Italy, known as antipasti (which means before a meal – or an appetizer in English). What could be better than to spend an evening sampling delicious food and wine in the Eternal City? Bon appetito and cin cin!
Small Group Food Tour of Testaccio in Rome
Explore Rome’s best-kept secret, the dynamic and vibrant area of Testaccio, a real foodie hub, where traditional Roman food ‘Cucina Romana’ was born. On your small group tour, you will: 

  • Enjoy the intimacy of a small group tour and the personal attention of your local guide. 
  • Discover Testaccio a cool, edgy neighbourhood of Rome famous for its street food and street art. 
  • Escape the crowds and get a real glimpse of daily life while tasting the best of what the city has to offer.
  • Explore the historic food market ‘Mercato Testaccio’ with its fresh produce and delicious street food stalls. 
  • Enjoy sampling a variety of delicious Roman street food from fritti to suppli. 
  • Hear how Testaccio was remarkably built on a huge hill of broken and disused ancient Roman amphorae (clay jars). 
  • See the caves that were dug into the mound, and how they have been transformed from storage units into lively restaurants, discos and raucous bars!
  • Walk past the MACRO modern art museum, formerly the Testaccio abattoir that supplied the offal for classic dishes. 
  • Meet the vendors who have worked the market for generations and enjoy a sit-down pasta dish in a local trattoria. 

Enjoy a delicious walking and eating tour of Testaccio – one of Rome’s coolest neighbourhoods, really popular with locals, and least visited by tourists. Testaccio has a vibrant community and is really proud of its history and reputation as the birthplace of typical Roman food – Cucina Romana. Walk around the historic market, chat to the friendly vendors – who have worked here for several generations – and sample their offerings. 

Testaccio is a unique area built onto an enormous mound of discarded amphorae – ancient clay jars. You’ll see some amazing street art, as well as the more historic monuments like the Pyramid of Cestio, which marks the Protestant cemetery where the English poet John Keats is buried. 

Your guide will introduce you to classic Roman street food like Fritti (fried foods – like cod and Fiori de Zucca, battered balls of mozzarella, zucchini and anchovy), and Suppli, breaded rice balls cooked in a tomato ragu with a yummy, gooey centre of melted mozzarella. 

Get stuck into some mouthwatering pasta dishes at a local trattoria, and enjoy a convivial meal with fellow travellers on this small-group tour, in Testaccio while it is still a really well-kept secret! 


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