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We have got to know some truly great guides, and we want you to get to know them too. When you visit a city you will be able to see it with a person who can not only reveal the secrets of a place, but who can also make your trip utterly memorable. Passion, enthusiasm, knowledge - these are the key ingredients we look for.

How do we know our guides are great?

Night and day, we scour the internet for guides so we can email and Skype them
We fly all over the world to meet our guides in person
We take a tour with our guides so we can see them in action
Our happy customers tell us how wonderful they are.

Let us introduce you to…

London, England
Russell is without a doubt one of London’s most entertaining guides. Impeccably dressed and bursting with stories, he is a born and bred Londoner. With a background in performance his tours are sure to have you hanging on his every word.
London, England
Ray is a friendly knowledgeable Londoner. He was born, raised and has lived in London all his life. He has been a London Black Cab Driver for over 20 years.
Madrid, Spain
Enrique has a degree in Art History and studied nineteenth century Spanish painting to PHD level. His specialties are Madrid, Greece, and art history; he enjoys good food, appreciates good company, and loves Madrid, his home city.
Rome, Italy
Giovanni has a PhD in Archaeology and has personally dug and worked on some of the sights, so you'll be able to ask him pretty much anything!
Rome, Italy
Pete is a highly-educated, well-travelled, dual American-Italian citizen. He prides himself on the quality of his tours and strives for your total satisfaction.
Rome, Italy
Born in New York, Sev has been guiding in Rome for 12 years. He is a professor of Ancient Topography and Art at the University of Rome.
Marrakech, Morrocco
With his wide smile and sunny disposition, Mohammed is known as one of Travel Curious’s most friendly guides. A guide since 1996, he has long experience in the tour industry and prides himself on creating tours that are authentic, informative and tangible.
Istanbul, Turkey
Mahir hails from the city of Gaziantep, famous for its baklava and pistachios. He is an Istanbul and Marmaris guide. He speaks English and Russian, and has been a licensed guide since 1995. He believes clients should enjoy their time in Turkey, so helps them to appreciate the Turkish approach to life and to grasp details of Turkey's rich past. He makes sure to include humour in his tours!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Walda is an art historian and professionally trained tour guide. She’s an experienced museum and city guide and she teaches art history since 1995. Cheerful, friendly and hospitable, her enthusiasm is genuine and infectious. In every tour she offers a treasury of knowledge, giving just the right amount of detail and bringing the subject matter to life.
Prague, Czech Republic
Born and raised in Prague, Dana is fascinated by the hidden love, hate, joy, intrigue, friendship, tricks, misery, wisdom, anticipation, violence, and politics of history, especially that of her hometown. She loves helping people discover the hidden features of Prague.
London, England
Rob graduated as a Blue Badge Guide with the highest exam grades in his year. He is the author of the best-selling travel guide, “The Rough Guide to London”, and has lived in London for over 25 years.
Rome, Italy
Niccolò is a born and bred Roman who has a degree in Art and is also a trained Sommelier. He loves to tell people about the history of his home.
London, England
Paula is passionate about London and the wonderful heritage of England. She has been guiding for 4 years and was awarded the prestigious ‘Guide of the Year Award’.
Madrid and Toledo, Spain
Daniel was born in Toledo, the ancient capital of Spain. He loves the history of the city of his birth and the present capital Madrid, and guides tours in both. He has been licensed for 5 years and gives his tours all his passion and love, always trying to do his best and to get the total satisfaction of the customer.
Istanbul, Turkey
An experienced tour guide, photographer and lecturer with many years of experience in the travel industry, Rasim loves the chance his work gives him to meet people from all over the world. His particular specialism is Hagia Sophia tours.
Barcelona, Spain
Half American and half Spanish, Anthony has been a guide in Catalonia since 2006. Showing people his city is a joy to him. He likes to explain what is going on and what went on so tourists can appreciate what they are seeing, and so they can get a feel of what society is like now in Spain. Barcelona has many different itineraries to choose from: as your guide he us always flexible to your needs and wishes.
Marrakech, Morrocco
Rachid was born in the Imlil valley in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. He has been working as a guide for 8 years and is passionate about sharing his in-depth knowledge of Morocco. Rachid has led an expedition which for the first time walked from the North African’s highest peak Mount Toubkal to the sea crossing the Atlas Mountains.
Rome, Italy
Max grew up in and around Rome and he loves his city. He has shared his enthusiasm and expertise with thousands of English-speaking clients from all around the world.
Istanbul, Turkey
Serhat was born in Istanbul in 1980 and was raised up in this beautiful city. He have been working as a licensed tour guide for the last 12 years. He has studied Turkish History, Christianity, Archaeology, Mythology and European History; therefore, he can help you understand Istanbul’s diverse history and sophisticated culture.
London, England
Ruth is young, energetic and enthusiastic about all things London, she graduated top of her year as the London Blue Badge Tour Guide of the Year 2014.
Prague, Czech Republic
Gabriela is a native of Prague, and works as an official guide in Prague and Czech Republic since her studies at University. She loves to share the rich history as well as the present beauty of the city of Prague with travellers from all over the world. Her excellent command of English will make your tour unforgettable.
Paris, France
Marie Christine has been guiding in Paris for 10, and says ‘’If you love art, music, good food, great wine and history then we have a lot to share in the most beautiful city in the world ... after home of course!’’
Barcelona, Spain
A graduate of Catalonia Tourism University, Quim has been a professional licensed guide since 1997. His tours are never the same; he loves interacting with his customers and adapting the Tour to their preferences and tastes. He enjoys meeting new people and learning from them as they learn from him, while showing the city, landscape, and country of which he feels proud
Prague, Czech Republic
Zaneta was born and raised in Prague. As a child she would wander around for hours about town after school looking at all the architecture, antique doorways, Baroque facades, forgotten alcoves and play in abandoned gardens. Her parents would always ask her. “What took you so long? School is only five minutes away”. Her passion for Prague’s magnificent history and mystical past has grown ever since. After her studies in art humanities and languages at Charles University she became a professional tour guide and now shares her inner passion for the city with visitors from around the world
Prague, Czech Republic
Richard was born in America in a Czech family. His love for his ancestors home country brought him back to Prague ten years ago and he settled here for good. He is a big admirer of Czech painters and influenced greatly by Art Nouveau and Symbolism in his own graphic paintings. His Czech family roots give him a unique perspective on the Czech way of life. He has worked as a guide in Prague ever since. He is proud to show Prague visitors a memorable experience as he had when he visited Prague for the first time. Seeing Prague with him will teleport you to the past when Czech culture came through its finest cultural era. According to his philosophy, art and travel should be a way of life


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