Monastère de la Visitation

Played an important role in the fight for female's political rights.

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Le Sacré-Coeur
The Sacré-Coeur is a white basilica perched atop Montmartre, with a stunning view of Paris below.
Place des Vosges
The oldest planned square in Paris and one of the finest in the city. Located in the Marais district.
Place de la Bastille
Explore the traces of the place where the iconic Bastille Prison once stood, until its destruction during the French Revolution.
Local artisan bakeries
Montmartre's pastry chefs and bakers are amongst the best in the world - and some of the best shops are hidden in plain sight.
Le Clos de Montmartre
The last vineyard in Montmartre at the junction of rue des Saules and rue Saint-Vincent.
The Lapin Agile
Pablo Picasso's 1905 oil painting 'Au Lapin Agile' helped to make this cabaret world-famous.

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The events of the French revolution were chaotic, historic, and truly extraordinary. Uncover this iconic period of history with an expert guide. Commence your tour with an introduction of pre-revolution France, and the economic and political landscape that led to a great class clash between the clergy, the nobility, and the bourgeoisie. Discover the fall of Louis XVI and the dismantling of the Ancien Régime, explore the remains from the storming of Bastille, learn about France's abolition of feudalism, and the subsequent stream of power conflicts that made France's history so bloody. 


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