Normandy Omaha Beach

At the other American landing site, there were heavy casualties with 2500 killed in action in the first wave.

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The town of Bayeux is our recommended meeting point in Normandy
Normandy Pointe du Hoc
The heavily fortified high point between Omaha and Utah beaches, which was stormed by a Ranger assault team.
Overlord Museum Normandy
Collects an exceptional collection of military vehicles and equipment used during the Battle of Normandy by both the Allies and the Germans.
American Cemetery in Colleville
The resting place for thousands of American soldiers that died during the Normandy landings.
WN60 was the most easterly of the resistance nests guarding Omaha Beach.
Longues-sur-Mer battery
Part of the Atlantic Wall constructed by the Germans and perfectly located to protect the Gold and Omaha landing beaches from the expected French invasion by the allied forces in the mid-1940s.

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Private Normandy D-Day tour: Omaha Beach, American Cemetery & WN60 Strongpoint
This day-long tour provides you with an all-encompassing experience of D-Day, the defining moment of WWII, with visits to key landing points, churches, museums and cemeteries. With over 12 nations involved in what was the largest-scale air and land mission in history, for the sake of depth, this tour explores the Americans’ role in D-Day. As there is so much to see, however, your tour guide will be happy to adapt your itinerary according to your interests. 

  • Relive the key moments of D-Day on Omaha Beach.
  • Visit the American cemetery, where all the American troops who lost their lives are remembered.
  • Take in the view at Pointe du Hoc, the highest point between the American sector landings at Utah and Omaha Beaches.
  • Visit the Overlord Museum, dedicated to Allied landings in Normandy, with displays of soldiers personal items and armoured fighting vehicles.
  • Admire the view over Omaha Beach from its most eastern Fortification.
  • See the German gun battery of Longues sur Mer, a range-finding post and four casemates, each housing a 150-mm gun.
  • Comfortable car travel provided for the whole day. Your experience of Normandy will not be affected by rain or bad weather!
  • Private tour guide throughout the day.

You will learn about the ins and outs of the war and D-Day from your expert guide who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

*Please note that the Overlord Museum is closed during the month of January.


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