Unlock the magic of Havana

Set apart from its northern neighbour for half a century, Cuba is now starting a new stage in its history while remembering its revolutionary past. The capital of Spain’s first transatlantic colony, which became the country of Marti and Castro, has a great deal to visitors who seek new experiences; whether they are more interested in rum than churches, or castles over museums. Join us to see the best of its sights and people in this fascinating moment in Cuban history.

Attractions in Havana

Esplanade along Havana’s northern coast which is very popular with local fishermen
Necrópolis de Colón
Many Cuban heroes are housed in this huge city of the dead in the south-west of Havana
Memorial José Marti
Impressive, and accessible, monument to the greatest of Cuba’s independence heroes
Immense Neo-Classical marble structure with a 92m dome
Museo de la Revolucion
Museum covering the fights against Fulgencio Batista and counter-revolutionary forces
Catedral de San Cristóbal
18th century cathedral which dominates Havana’s historic heart
Palacio de los Capitanes Generales
Former home of the colonial governors, this baroque building is home to the Museo de la Ciudad
Museo de Comandancia del Che
A museum devoted to the Argentinian revolutionary where he set up his base after the takeover of Havana
Monumento a Maximo Gomez
A large statue of a Cuban founding father overlooking the Canal de Entrada
El Templete
This neo-classical building marks the spot where the city of Havana was reportedly founded in 1515
Castillo de la Real Fuerza
Colonial star fort that protected Spain’s treasures from pirates and other European powers
Castillo del Morro
Italian-designed fortress best known for its iconic lighthouse
Castillo de San Salvador
Historic fort protecting the harbour; it was the site of the execution of medical students in 1871
San Carlos de la Cabaña
Massive fort guarding a strategic ridge on the northern edge of Havana
Plaza de la Revolucion
Square where mass rallies supporting the government occur beneath the watchful gaze of Che and Camilo
Museo 28 Septiembre
Devoted to the nationwide local committees which safeguard Cuba’s revolutionary development
Museo Numismático
Much-loved establishment where items from Cuba’s financial past abound
Museo de Naipes
Museum where you can see a diverse range of playing cards, as well as the machines used to make them
Museo del Automóvil
A collection of historic cars that emphasises the special Cuban relationship with vehicles
Monumento al Maine
Memorial to the American sailors who died when their ship, the USS Maine, exploded off Havana
Casa de Africa
Small museum devoted to Afro-Cuban and African culture
Museo de la Pintura Mural
This mural gallery, with its beautiful frescoes, is housed in one of Havana’s oldest houses
Museo del Ron
Appreciate rum that little bit more after visiting a museum devoted to Cuba's national tipple
La Bodeguita Del Medio
The global shrine of mojito lovers, this was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bars
El Floridita
A cosy and popular bar which holds a special place in the history of the Daiquiri
Taller Experimental de Gráfica
A workshop devoted to graphic art where you can see the local artists at work
Museo de Arte Colonial
Historic museum displaying colonial art while simultaneously showing how Cubans used to live
Centro Asturiano
Gallery focused on international art which is especially strong on works by European artists
Palacio de Bellas Artes
Utterly devoted to Cuban art, this gallery displays some of the best works by the island's artists
Iglesia y Convento de la Merced
Built in the last half-century of Spanish rule, this church holds some great religious paintings
Iglesia Del Santo Cristo Del Buen Viaje
Colonial church with rare octagon-shaped towers
Museo de los Orishas
Museum devoted to the Afro-Cuban faith of Santeria
Basilica de San Francisco
18th-century church which used to be a key place of worship for Havana’s Catholics
Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula
Former baroque church which now functions as a concert hall
Casa Natal de José Marti
Birthplace of José Marti, this petite museum tells the story of Cuba’s struggle for independence
One of Cuba’s elite exports, these rolls of tobacco are a widely recognised symbol of the island
Cuba's national drink, made with the by-products of its sugar industry


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