Spicy Ramen

Test the strength of your tastebuds when it comes to sampling spicy flavoured noodled soup.

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Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar
Visit the garden then get lost in the bustling bazaar where vendors sell their wares in hidden lanes.
The Bund
As the city's stand out landmark, this remarkable waterfront is perfect for strolling and people-watching.
Anren Street
Stroll through the few remaining laneway houses and see traditional community living that is fast disappearing.
Egg Pancake
Experience the joy of tasting Jianbing (egg pancake), one of China's best-kept culinary secrets.
Scallion Pancake
A cong you bing, also known as a scallion pancake, is a Chinese, savoury, unleavened flatbread folded with oil and minced scallions.
Wonton Soup
Taste these dumplings soaked in soup - bursting with tasty surprises such as pork and prawn, or shrimp filling.

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Private Morning Food Tour of Shanghai
Enjoy a gastronomic breakfast of traditional Shanghai food on this vibrant morning walking and tasting tour of Shanghai’s food stalls and markets. On your private tour you will:

  • Have the personal attention of your private guide as you navigate the morning food stalls and markets of Shanghai.
  • Sampling a variety of traditional and authentic breakfast foods, you’ll also socialise with the locals, and learn more about the people of the city from their food!
  • Begin your tour at the scenic Bund, a stunning 1.5 km esplanade along the Huangpu River—lined with cafés, restaurants and chi-chi boutiques— with lovely views of the Lujiazui skyline.
  • Sample around 8 different Shanghai breakfasts! Including deep-fried wonton dumplings, egg pancakes, wonton soup, scallion pancakes, spicy ramen and more. 
  • Quiz your guide on where to find the best local cuisine!
  • End your tour replete, full and happy, ready to explore more of this amazing megalopolis! 
As China's largest city Shanghai is a vibrant and colourful city of vast proportions, with its super-sky scrapers, futuristic bridges, giant malls, and not to mention millions of people all busily going about their daily lives. It can feel overwhelming for the first-time visitor – and yet this fabulous morning food tour gives you the City of the Sea in bite-size chunks (pun intended!) The history of the city and its people spans a thousand years – and there is no better way to get to know a place more intimately than through its local cuisine. On this tour, you’ll taste your way through a traditional Shanghai breakfast – including dumplings, pancakes and spicy noodle soups, all while enjoying the morning bird song, the bustle of the food markets and stalls opening up, the mouth-watering food, the scenic views across the water, the friendly chat and help from the locals, as well as the passionate and expert commentary from your private guide. 


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