Igreja da Veneravel e Arquiepiscopal Ordem Terceira

Baroque church with ornate interior next to the Old Cathedral

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Old Cathedral
Former cathedral of Rio which hosted Imperial coronations
Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Candelária
A colonial church with an endearing, if sometimes tragic, history
Praça XV
Historic hub of Rio where Portuguese king João VI chose to have his palace when he arrived in 1808
Paço Imperial
A former palace of both the Portuguese and Brazilian royal families
Chafariz do Mestre Valentim
Colonial drinking fountain built to give sailors fresh water
Palácio Tiradentes
Neoclassical building that housed the Brazilian Congress between 1926 and 1960

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Brazil has historically had a strong Catholic influence and nowhere is this starker than in its old capital: Rio. This walking tour, in the company of your personal guide, will show the varieties of religious art and architecture in the city’s Centro neighbourhood as you investigate its striking colonial churches. 
Colonial Grandeur

You will be taken around the Mosteiro de São Bento. Founded in 1590, this Benedictine monastery was added to throughout the 16th century and has an opulent interior, with some truly exquisite carvings, that is at odds with its plain white façade. Your guide will also take you to the Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Candelaria. This colonial church, which was completed in 1811 on a site of a small 17th century chapel, has an interior which has received both baroque and renaissance influences. The area around the church has also been connected with many important moments of Brazilian history, such as protests against the military dictatorship in 1984, as well as – tragically – the site of a massacre in 1993 where street children were murdered by policemen.

Pews for Emperors

Your guide will also take you to the Old Cathedral. This has, as its name suggests, an illustrious history being the site of coronations during the Empire. The history of the church predates Brazilian independence, dating back to 1761, and the interior is definitely worth perusing. If you find yourself at a loss for what to see first, your guide will be happy to show you the carvings in the church by the important 18th century Brazilian sculptor Mestre Valentim, who was coincidentally also a major urban planner of Rio. Next door lies the Igreja da Veneravel e Arquiepiscopal Ordem Terceira. While it lacks the Imperial history of its neighbour, it too possesses a luscious baroque interior and colonial history.  


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