Schönbrunn Palace

The summer house for the Hasburg's rulers, it has become one of the most important cultural sites in Austria.

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A vast emporium, created in the 16th Century, which sells Austrian, Turkish and Eastern European delicacies.
Baked goods at Naschmarkt
Try any of the delicious baked options in the Market.
Olives & Snacks at Naschmarkt
Colourful olives and other snacks play with your senses as you walk through the Market.
Chapel of Ka-ni-nisut
Discovered in 1913, the chapel of 'Ka-ni-nisut' has once served for the practice of the funerary cult where priests or relatives of the death performed an offering ritual for his benefit. On the walls of the chapel, there were depictions of such rituals and the texts accompanying their performance.
Egyptian Sarcophagi and Coffins
Among the highlights of the Egyptian wing, there are numerous sarcophagi and coffins to discover.
Egyptian objects
Admire the collection of unique daily life objects on the Egyptian wing of the Museum.

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Private Half Day Highlights Tour of Vienna inc Transport
As one of Europe's grandest capitals, Vienna is rich in handsome architecture and cultural relics that reflect the city’s storied history. From the glory of medieval times to the contemporary splendour of the present, Vienna is world-renowned for its dazzling, grandiose historical buildings of stucco, marble, gold leaf and ornate stone. This fascinating Half-Day Highlights Tour will take you to Vienna’s most compelling attractions in a city crowded with glittering gilded palaces, monuments, bronze statues, grand mansions and dome-topped royal buildings. On your private driving tour of Vienna, you will: 

  • Admire the handsome 12th century soaring spires of St Stephen’s Cathedral and its ornate interior decor
  • Relish the elegance of circular Ringstrasse with its ornate buildings and towers
  • Marvel at Hofburg Quarter’s grandeur and the Habsburg family’s great dynastic empire 
  • Be wowed by the stunning neo-Gothic stone-work of The Rathaus, built in 1883
  • Absorb the palatial grandeur of forty rooms at Schonbrunn Palace, a Baroque masterpiece, on the one-hour Grand Tour.
The architectural finery of Vienna's historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a bounty of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Art Deco and "Jugendstil" architecture under the gaze of the 370-foot steeple of St. Stephen's Cathedral. The seat of Vienna’s Archbishop, and one of Austria’s most important Gothic structures, St. Stephen's colourful roof tiles - laid to create the Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle and Vienna coat of arms - is much loved symbol of the city. Designed by well-respected architect Emil von Förster, elegant Ringstrasse is a joy to drive, circling the historic centre where there were once medieval fortifications. Cobbled streets and handsome boulevards surround Vienna’s Hofburg Quarter, the seat of the Austrial Empire and the Imperial Court with churches and grand gardens part of this most-elegant neighbourhood. A small fortress that was expanded over more than seven centuries into the sprawling, gilded, luxurious domicile of Austria’s great rulers. On the Half-Day Highlights Tour we will see Hofburg Palace - the elaborate regal centre-piece of the Hofburg Complex and a monument to imperial power and opulence that represents 600 years of sovereignty by dynastic family, The Haspbergs. 

The Rathaus, a 130-year-old neo-Gothic building notable for its towers and ornate stone-work is the prelude to our final stop, Schonbrunn Palace - a palatial Baroque architectural masterpiece, created as an imperial hunting lodge for Crown Prince Joseph. Granted access to forty lavish rooms, from galleries, state rooms and ceremonial suites to private bedrooms, our exploration of Schonbrunn Palace will span three centuries of history. This UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site is alluring in both scale and sheer beauty and provides a fitting finale to the Half-Day Highlights Tour. 
Architectural Splendor: Full Day Highlights of Vienna
In this comprehensive eight hour tour, your expert local guide will direct you to some of the most important historical and cultural sites of this magnificent city.

  • Discover Vienna's gorgeous architecture at the Ringstrasse boulevard 
  • Snap pictures of The Vienna Rathaus (city hall) and The Hofburg Imperial Palace
  • Marvel at the colourful and quirky Hundertwasserhaus (group of houses)
  • Experience the Gothic architecture of St Stephen's Cathedral 
  • Learn about Vienna's royalty at Schonbrunn Palace
  • Explore the Jewish quarter and hear about the tragedies of the Second World War
  • Visit Sigmund Freud's House, now a museum
  • Pop into Vienna's coffeehouses 
  • Learn about Gustav Klimt as you cruise through his masterpieces at Belvedere Palace
Lasting Beauty of Vienna 

Vienna is a strikingly beautiful city, By merely glancing at the many palaces and stately homes around the town it is clear that the city’s imperial history has been profoundly influential in its development. It is no surprise that Vienna has been voted the best city in the world to live in and this is due in no small part to the atmospheric coffee houses and distinguished culinary history that can be experienced in the marketplaces and eateries around town. 

Imperial Austria

Your tour will begin at the Ringstrasse; a 5.3km boulevard commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph, and home to some of Austria’s most important sites. The Vienna Rathaus, a neo-Gothic city hall built in 1883, is one of the best. The Hofburg Imperial Palace is another, and was the home of the Habsburg dynasty between the 13th to the 20th Century. 

Baroque Splendor

You will visit the Hundertwasserhaus - a group of houses designed by Hundertwasser a famous Austrian artist -  designed with his typical vividly colourful, winding style. Experience St Stephen’s cathedral, regarded as a Gothic gem and Peterskirche, a baroque church that occupies the oldest Christian site in Vienna. You will also stop at the enigmatic Jewish quarter - a lasting monument to the once thriving community that was brutally repressed during WW2. Here you will also learn about Sigmund Freud’s life and work at his very own house that is now a museum. Along the way you will have the chance to visit some of Vienna's famous coffee houses, which since they were initially opened by an Armenian spy in the 17th century, have been a vital part of the city's legacy. 

Your trip to Vienna would not be complete without paying a visit to the fabulously baroque Belvedere Palace as well as the stunning Schonbrunn Palace. 


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