Cliff Drive

A scenic drive highlighting the beautiful scenery of the Blue Mountains.

TravelCurious Tip

Just west of Echo Point is the pretty Lilianfels Park, which has great views and bbq facilities - a perfect place to stop for lunch.

Running along the clifftops of the stunning Blue Mountains, 50km west of Sydney, the Cliff Drive is one of the most scenic in Australia. It starts about two kilometres west of Katoomba, and begins by winding south. Given its height above its surroundings, there are views everywhere you look, but the first truly spectacular point is at Cahills Lookout. From here you can gaze over the magnificent Megalong valley, with its thick carpet of green forest, and out beyond, where the land undulates with greenery all the way to the horizon.

Above the Canopy

This view continues as you summit the Narrow Neck Plateau. The name is apt – the plateau is no more than a few metres wide in places, dropping over sheer cliffs into the Megalong Valley on one side and the great Jamison Valley on the other. It is unlikely that you will see one these days, but the latter valley was once a famed breeding ground for the lyrebird, world-renowned for their extraordinary ability to mimic anything they hear, from a chainsaw to the crack of a whip.

The Drive’s Famous Side

Further along Cliff Drive, you will eventually get to the tourist hub of Scenic World, well worth a visit for its impressive viewing infrastructure, including the Scenic Skyway and the Scenic Railway. The centre is at one end of a beautiful loop, the other being the nearby Echo Point. You can continue your drive from one to the other, or you can walk, which would allow you to take in the Three Sisters rock formation, the Giant’s Stairway and the Katoomba Falls. At the most easterly point of the Cliff Drive, you find yourself at Gordon Falls, from where you get another gorgeous view down the valley to the horizon.

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